High Security Locks Salem Oregon

When managing the security of a business, you want to make sure that you possess enough information to make adequate decisions. Did you know that the locks that are available for purchase at hardware stores are normally low tech, low quality and mass produced. These locking mechanisms barely give the illusion of strong security. A professional Salem locksmith who knows about the strengths and weaknesses of a lock will know that a reliable high grade commercial lock cannot easily be picked, bumped or tampered with. With genuine high security locks, the only way that an intruder would be able to gain entry to your business would be to force themselves through the means of a high powered drill or even by using a torch. Of course if such methods were attempted, there would be obvious signs of a break in.

Unlike high security locks, standard locks are opened easily and often will not show a sign of a forced entry. The visible evidence that a forced entry occurred is of high importance. There have been many cases of robberies that were not obvious immediately. In these cases, there isn’t any recognition of a robbery until the business owner or employee notices that an item is missing. If the business possesses a high security lock, this would be close to impossible for the reasons mentioned above. But if entry was gained by the intruder, then the apparently damaged lock is perfect proof to the authorities and insurance that something indeed did occur.

Identifying high security locks

We now know the benefits to a high quality locking mechanism, so here are some examples of what exactly qualifies a locking mechanism to be characterized as a high security lock. You should know that high security locks can and often do possess one or many of these following qualities. A high security lock often possesses a restrictive type of keyway that increases the difficulty of manipulating and maneuvering tools within the locking cylinder. Oftentimes, especially within businesses, you will find high security locks with key control. This is the strict control of the creation and distribution of company keys to increase the keying system security. These specific keys usually require that a security card be presented to a professional locksmith in Salem Oregon in order for them to legally duplicate said keys.

High Security Locks Salem Locksmith

Quite often it will be found that high security locks have either or both manipulation resistance and forced entry resistance. What causes these resistances are security pins that will resist against key bumping and lock picking. High security locks will usually be made out a material that has strength and interior components such as steel rods, ball bearings and other hardened materials.

Understanding the necessity of high security locks 

Now that you have all of this pertinent information to your business security, you for sure understand that it is necessary to have high security locks installed onto your property. The quickest and most effective way of managing this is to call your local locksmith in Salem Oregon who will be able to provide you with high security locks to the property and install them accurately where you need them.

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