Panic Bar Door Repair Salem Oregon

When walking into a place of business, whether if it’s a work place or a public commercial property, people normally don’t think about the security features of the property or related structural design. It’s a fact, the most people are not even aware of the term “panic bar” which also known as a crash bar. And that is regardless of the fact that majority of business property in this country, big or small, are likely equipped with such exit device. However, it is true that when people walk into a public commercial property, there is the expectation that the property is well safe and secured. That is where a panic bars come into play. So when such device starts to malfunction, it is a serious safety risk, and a professional Salem locksmith should be contacted for panic bar door repair.

About panic bars

A panic bar is a form of a locking hardware which goes on a door in a commercial property that will remain locked at all times on the exterior, but will be unlocked and accessible from the inside where people would be able to exit quickly in case of an emergency. This type of exit device is “hands free” making it easier to exit the property safely. That is where the name panic bar came from, during an emergency where people normally panic, the easiest and quickest way to exit is through a door with such device on it, so in case it’s starts to malfunction and in need of a panic bar door repair by a commercial locksmith in Salem Oregon, it is better be addressed promptly.

Panic bar door repair salem locksmith

Normally, a panic bar will go on a commercial heavy duty metal door with a combination of a high security lock which is most effective. The first reason would be the fact that such door construction makes it highly safe and secure. As a business property owner, if there are some point of entry/exit you wish to keep locked from the public as an entrance, a panic bar would be the best solution as the doors who are equipped with the panic bar would not be accessible from the outside. However, in a situation of an emergency such as a fire, these panic bar equipped doors would be fully accessible from the interior of the property in order for people to get out as quickly and safely as possible. This what makes the proper operation of a panic bar very important, so if a panic bar door repair service is needed, please call a professional commercial locksmith as soon as possible.

Panic bars come in various type of forms, but the most common type is the touchbar style. In a commercial property, those will normally be found on emergency exit doors or service and utility rooms. Around the country, states have various standards and building codes. Panic bars without a doubt have changed safety and security of buildings for the better. If you are having trouble with a panic bar at your business property, give a call to a locksmith Salem Oregon company for a panic bar door repair.