Home Burglary Statistics

A  home burglary is committed when someone enters illegally into a property with the purpose of stealing or getting away with something that isn’t theirs to take in the eyes of the law. In the United States, a home burglary happens about every eighteen seconds. That means that there are more than 1,700,000 burglaries a year within the states.

That is a lot of burglaries to happen in a place that you probably feel is moderately safe for your family! You may be asking yourself where exactly all of these so called burglaries happen and how come you rarely heard about them. Well, a funny statistic is that 3 out of 10 burglars will actually go into the property right under the nose of the person they’re stealing from! People will literally be feeling safe in their home while they are simultaneously being Burglarize.

71% of burglaries will be at a residence and the attempt will occur between the hours of 10am and 3pm. If a commercial property is ever burglarized, it is more common to occur at night by about 10%. As you may guess, the most burglaries happen in the metro area and decreases as you get closer to rural areas.

Home burglary Salem locksmithWith all of these burglaries happening right outside of our back yards basically, we need to know how we can prevent ourselves from becoming a victim. For starters, a wonderful but obvious tip is to always lock your doors, even if you are at home. A home burglary that occurs as a result of the perpetrator gaining easy access from an unlocked door for example happens about 36% of the time. Out of 1,700,000 burglaries, practically 60% of them will be from the perpetrator performing a forced entry into the property.

The majority of burglars only need approximately 10 minutes to go inside your house, find your expensive valuables and get out of there safely. A way to prevent a burglar from even attempting to gain entrance to your property is to own a dog or two as well as having a functioning security system along with decent door locks. The ‘security alarm’ and ‘beware dog’ signs that are commonly found on lawns are great deterrents for would-be thieves.

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