Lock Change

Locksmith in Salem OR lock changeDo you ever wonder how secure the locks are on your home? Most houses are sold with very low grade locks. These locks which are usually manufactured by brand names such as Kwikset are easily bypassed by burglars. When you move into a home that had previous owners, there is a strong possibility that they unintentionally possess a key to the home still. That by itself would put the security of your family and belongings is at risk.

The opportunity to change the locks at your home is at a great advantage to you. Taking control of the safety of your home is easy, especially when you hire a residential locksmith in Salem to assist. When choosing a lock, you need to know and be able to apply some basic information about locks to your final decision.

All common locks are graded on a scale of 1 to 3, depending on the security and material of the lock. A grade 1 lock will provide you the best security that you can buy, though these are usually utilized on commercial spaces. A grade 1 lock will last the longest amount of time and will stand up to the most amount of aggravated pressure. In comparison, a grade 3 lock will provide the least amount of resistance to force and will wear down faster in result of constant use. For a residential property, it is preferable to purchase and install a grade 2 lock.

Adding a deadbolt as a secondary lock

In addition to the grade of the lock, the type of lock you choose to install is an important factor in the security of your premises. A secured deadbolt lock installed on an exterior door also provides force resistance. Oftentimes a deadbolt lock is paired with an entry handleset, which combines two door knobs that can be locked / unlocked from both the inside and outside. For interior doorways leading to bedrooms or bathrooms, you can install an entry handleset without a deadbolt for reasons of privacy rather than actual security.

Salem locksmith changing a lockAccurately having lock installation done is very important to ensuring that everything is secure. That is why hiring an experienced Salem locksmith to perform the service is so necessary. When you are provided with answers to all of your security questions and you know that your lock will be in proper working order, it is difficult to feel any need to stress or worry. Have your locks changed today so that no authorized person has access to your home.

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