High Grade Commercial Lock

Salem locksmith Corbin RusswinCorbin Russwin has been producing high quality commercial grade hardware since 1839. Here you will find more information about the CL3100 series of lever locks. This lock set can be acquired and installed onto your property by one of our professional locksmiths. This lock is a great choice if it is for a commercial property that is looking for some good security.

The CL3100 series of Corbin Russwin locks are all of a Grade 1 lever lockset. They are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure reliable strength and quiet operation. CL3100 series locks are available in all standard finishes that is available and the series subtly complements any already installed commercial, industrial or institutional lock.

The internal components of this series of locks possess a unique construction for longer durability and effectiveness in the operation of the latch bolt. So for this reason, Corbin Russwin interlocks the aligning and latch tubes, which forms a rugged torque resistant “T” in the critical twist area. This “T-Zone” construction, combined with long lasting components of over 15 million cycles, makes a T-Zone lever lock exceed BHMA standards. This design improves the lock’s ability to resist against multiple types of forced entry as well.

The CL3100 will allow many security features

A single lockset will accommodate up to 6 or 7 pins inside of the cylinder. These locks can be used for master keying by a professional locksmith in Salem, which is wonderful for key organization. These locks also possess an interchangeable core, meaning that you can rekey them with little hassle. Lock cylinders (the outer part of a lock) may also be easily changed without disassembling the lockset.

locksmith Salem commercial lock

The CL3100 series is convenient in a variety of area. We advise that they be used in high traffic locations like hospitals, institutions and educational facilities as well as retail and office spaces. As you can see, these locks will work realistically in thousands of settings.

Remember security is the key, not only when a Salem locksmith installs your locks, but also in the way you service and handle them daily. Never stop improving. We are insured, certified, licensed and bonded. You can give us a call and we will help you get a new lock on your property as soon as possible.

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