New Lock Installation

Locksmith Salem lock installationInstalling a lock onto a door is a big job, especially if that door didn’t have a lock or a knob to begin with. Hiring a locksmith is a fantastic way to ensure the job is finished correctly and as securely as possible. If you find that the security of your family and valuables is important, than it should also be important to have a professional locksmith in Salem install your locks.

Before you go about having a lock installation onto your door, you must choose a lock. The lock that you choose will depend upon where the door is located and how secure you wants the door to be. Speaking of security, there are a few features your lock may possess that will help your home be safe from break-ins. Some burglars gain entry by use of what is called a ‘bump key’. These keys leave little sign of abuse to the lock and almost work like a normal key. Fortunately, there are locks that are bump resistant, meaning that a thief would be unable to bump key into your home and eventually give up.

Locks with unique security features

Locks that possess security pins are also a great way to prevent forced entry on your lock. Security pins also help prevent lock pickers from successfully picking open the lock. Sometimes a burglar will not attempt to be quiet or discreet with breaking in and will attempt a forced entry attack that physically ruins your door or lock. You can stop this by purchasing a lock that is force resistant. These locks resist something as drastic as drilling and something as small as kicking. The installation of a jamb enforcer may be a good idea. Ask your local Salem locksmith what they think is best.

Salem locksmith Medeco deadboltWhen installing a lock on a door it is required to measure the backset and the handedness of the door. Your locksmith will use these measurements in order to ensure that your lock is able to keep your home safe. How a lock is installed depends upon specific instructions that are based on the type of lock and doorknob that you decide to possess. Again, your local residential locksmith in Salem can help you choose a lock of a security grade that is preferable to your budget and security needs. Once the door is ready for use, you shouldn’t experience any sticking and the lock should be locking and unlocking in a smooth manner.

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