Master Key System

Master Key SystemHave you ever wondered how owners of large properties are able to manage possessing many keys to each unit of their property? The truth is that most likely the property owner doesn’t possess hundreds of keys, but he only has one or a few keys total. How do they have so few keys? They utilize what is called a master key system. To understand how master keys work, you first have to have a basic idea of how a lock and key works or contact your local locksmith in Salem.

The main components of a pin and tumbler lock are a series of small, varying length pins. These pins are divided up into pairs where each pair will rest either in the central cylinder plug or the housing around the plug. When there is no key inserted in the keyway the bottom pins are completely inside of the plug, while the upper pins are halfway in the plug and halfway in the housing. Therefore it is the upper pins that keep the lock from turning. The correct key will push each pin pair up just enough so that the point where the two pins come together lines up perfectly with the space where the cylinder and the housing come together — this point is called the shear line. When this happens, the lock’s plug will be able to turn and unlock the lock.

How to recognize a master key system

Some locks are designed to work with two different keys; these locks have been part of a master key system. The change key will open only that specific lock; while the master key will open that lock as well as several other locks within a group. In these locks, a few of the pin pairs are going to be separated by an additional third pin known as a master wafer or spacer.

Master Key System

If you own a large property that needs multiple locks and are trying to find a great way to manage your keys as well increasing  your commercial property security, consider a commercial locksmith implementing a master key system. It will lower your security risk at a long term low cost. A master key system is a reliable method of maintaining numerable locks that are oftentimes used by multiple people. No longer will you need to change all of the locks in your establishment under bad circumstances, but rather will only need to replace the one lock.

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