Business and Commercial Security

Salem locksmith Master Key systemAre you a business owner? You may be worried about the physical security of your commercial property. As an owner, you should have a good idea of the measures that can be taken to ensure that your business stays secure.

A locksmith in Salem can supply you with a Master Key to all of the locks within your business. This means that this single Master Key will possess the ability to open each lock that occupies your business location. Other keys will be made that you can give to your employees. These keys will only have the capability to access certain doors; which are the doors that you have provided them permission to open.

Gain control on the security of your business

If you manage a business that staffs multiple employees, some of them may possess a key that unlocks important doorways to the business. In order to maintain your organization’s physical security, you should have your doors re-keyed whenever an employee loses their keys.

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If you discover that your locks stick or have trouble turning, calling your locksmith can be a great preventative measure for further future problems. A lock gets old and over-used like everything else. It is important that a professional locksmith changes them before they become the reason why you are locked out of your business. A lock change is replacing your former lock with a newer model, preferably of a higher grade of security.

Commercial security locks

Locksmith in Salem commercial locksTypes of locks that are fantastic for commercially owned properties are Medeco, Corbin Russwin and Yale. These are just a few of the top competitors, call a commercial locksmith to learn more and to ascertain what other security measures could help your business.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation regarding your locks, call Premier NW Locksmith Salem. Are you locked out? We have strategies to gain access through almost all commercial grade push-bars and panic-bars. We will also provide you re-entry into your business despite locked and/or stuck exit devices, commercial grade mortise and deadbolt locks. Did someone break in and you desire stronger security? We have you covered! A successful installation of a high grade lock in combination with some force entry prevention such as an electric strike, anti-bump locks and security pins are adequate forms of lock security for any organization.