Common Locks For Home Security

Kwikset Smartkey lock by Salem locksmithA complete lock set includes a deadbolt that is installed with a matching door-knob. In the following article, you will learn more about the most popular and common locks that are available to install in your home. Your home probably has one of these featured locks on the front door. You will be able to learn more about their security features in order to assist you in choosing the best option for your personal requirements.

The traditional Kwikset Deadbolt is the most popular lock in the US. These locks are extremely easy to bypass via almost every possible forced entry attacks. It is such a low security lock that the lock does not even prevent against a burglar utilizing lock picking, drilling or bumping techniques. This deadbolt only features two security pins of spool style. Unlike many good security locks, the Kwikset Deadbolt does not possess any sort of drill resistant plate.

The flagship of Kwikset the Smartkey

Kwikset Smartkey is a younger model than the traditional Kwikset deadlock, but the Kwikset Smartkey has security and reliability that is much more superior. The Kwikset Smartkey functions differently than any lock that is currently available thus the inside cylinder of this lock is also very different than other locks. It doesn’t even hold pins! Due to its divergent interior structure, this lock isn’t easily forced open by lock-picking or bumping. It is also very hard to drill this lock, taking up more than just a few minutes, possibly hours.

You may be wondering why the physical structure of this lock is so varied from the rest. This is for a couple of reasons. One great intention is to provide good security at a good cost. Another cause for the difference in the lock’s design is because this lock also has a user function that is rare indeed. If you own a Kwikset Smartkey, you as the owner of the lock will be able to easily rekey the lock personally without spending the time to take it to a Salem locksmith. This lock will not be a good choice for you if you have plans to master key the locks in your home or business, because it isn’t possible to do that with this lock.

When a burglar tries to forcefully break through a Defiant Deadbolt, it proves itself to be much safer than a standard Kwikset. This discovery goes against the common belief that Defiant Deadbolts are the worst types of locks available in the market. The Defiant Deadbolt lock will cause the burglar to take more time and hone their skill to attempt picking, drilling and/or bumping this lock, partly because of its three security spook pins and partly because it’s just a good lock.

The durability and reliability of Schlage locks

A Schlage Deadbolt is very resistant to drilling, lock-picking and bumping. The cylinder of the lock is built with an irremovable drill resistant plate and it possesses four security spool pins. The bolt is extra large sized in order to prevent any successful forced entry attacks from door pushing/shoving. The Schlage Deadbolt is definitely a great residential lock that you can trust to keep your family safe from intruders inside of a residential area.

Locksmith in Salem Schlage deadbolt

If you would like to take things up a notch with your home’s security, I would positively suggest high security locks. High security locks from brands such as Medeco and Mul-T-lock are expensive but they are completely pick proof, bump proof and drill proof. Medeco locks are used in approximately 60% of high security businesses and buildings. Do not be fooled against purchasing these locks because you think that robbers will see a high security lock and think you have expensive items. Statistics show that burglars look for the easiest house to rob, not the one that just looks like it has valuables inside.

There are many, many more locks out there for you to choose from. These locks are only the most common for residential settings.