Electronic Access Lock Systems For Business

Salem locksmith access control systemAn electronic access system allows users to have security while also getting to choose from a few different options. There are two main types of systems that can be put into place for your business. In this article I will describe for you these systems and the very basics of how each system performs. I will also explain to you further why it is an excellent choice to have an electronic access system installed by a professional locksmith inside of your business and specific items you may like to consider to ensure your business location has full security coverage.

You may be wondering why you would even want to install an electronic access system. Electronic access systems are much more secure than normal locks. You may be surprised to discover, keys that have DO NOT DUPLICATE imprinted on them can still be copied by a locksmith. Mechanical locks are often easy to manipulate, so do not come close to providing the level of high security of an electronic access system.

Electronic access systems can control a single door or multiple buildings. Electronic access provides you with specific details of when and which staff member gains entry, so it can function also for time and attendance verification. Electronic access systems can be as simple or as complex as you would like, which makes these system types common for all types and sizes of companies.

Card Reader Electronic Lock Systems

Locksmith Salem Card Reader SystemThe first type of security system that I would like to go over is called Smartcard Reader System. The various types of Smartcard Reader Systems will utilize either a Pin Code Entry System, a Magstripe Reader or a Proximity Reader. Common Access Cards (CACs) are a type of smart card used for business security.

A pin code entry system utilizes a keypad that is connected to a lock release mechanism. Keypads are common for single door security and less expensive systems. Employees can forget the password or write it down and lose it; this is the only reason why this system is considered less secure than other security systems available. Keypad access systems do not necessarily retain the information of staff trails, but it can if each staff member is given a unique key code.

Another electronic access system that you may choose as the best choice for your business is the Magnetic Stripe Readers, better known as MagStripe Readers. Oftentimes you will see this type of system in place inside of hotels. A Magstripe Reader works by reading an encoded stripe that is on a rectangular badge. This system has been proven to be a reliable method since the 1970s and you will see that there are magnetic strips that are also used on credit cards as well.

A choice that you may decide on that works a lot like magstripe readers are proximity readers. Proximity readers are the most popular form of electronic security. They are very simple to use and when a card is lost or stolen, it is only a matter of deactivating the old card and activating a new one. Many people like that proximity readers can be merged with identification for further security. The main and important difference is that when people use proximity readers they only have to display their card within 100mm distance, and the door will open. It is necessary to swipe or insert a card into a device when utilizing a magstripe reader. This is the reason why so many people value the simplicity that a proximity reader offers on a daily basis.

Biometric Electronic Lock Systems

Now on to a second type of an electronic access system that is available for your business. This particular system utilizes Biometric Readers. This is a system that allows you to take advantage of unique human characteristics such as your fingerprints or your eyes. Another huge benefit to this security system is that you will not have to worry about lost or stolen keys and/or cards. Biometric systems provide excellent commercial security, but at a much greater price.

Salem locksmith biometric lock system

It is important to take note of a few specific details regarding your business when you are choosing a electronic access system that will best suit your business security needs. When having a commercial locksmith in Salem installing a system, you want to have a good idea of a minimum required amount of security that can manage your business. You must take into account how many exit points you possess and where they are located. You should know and understand the usual movement of your staff inside of the building, as well as your employee turnover rate. Use time to take into account the future goals of your company as well as any other security features such as alarms that your building may have. Once you have asked yourself all of these questions, you should easily be able to decide on which electronic access system would work best for your business.