Salem Locksmith Ignition Key Extraction

Locksmith Salem ignition key extractionDid you break your key inside of your ignition? There is some good news and bad news when it comes to such situation. The Good news is if your key didn’t break because of a hard force applied to it in the ignition, then it is most likely that the key will be reachable and pretty easily extracted. The bad news is that if your key had broken within the ignition with enough force to cause damage to the ignition, it will be very difficult for anyone, including someone with much experience to retrieve the key. Additionally, it can be that the hard force applied caused damage to ignition components resulting in a necessary ignition replacement.

Because your key has been broken into pieces, you are obviously going to need to start using a different key if you want to drive your car. How you can manage this situation is based on what you already have in your possession. The good news is that if you possess a spare key to your vehicle then you are easily going to recover from this whole messy situation. If you have a spare key that can start your vehicle, then great! However, if your spare key only opens the doors to the car, you may need an additional service.

An automotive locksmith will be able to help

The key will need to be taken a professional automotive locksmith in order to program it assuming it is equipped with a transponder chip. Then the key will seamlessly start your car. The bad news for this situation is that if you do not possess a spare key to your vehicle then it will be necessary for you to purchase a brand new car key, have that key accurately cut and then have it programmed to your specific car.

Salem locksmith broken ignition keyThis situation will still get resolved with a solution by your local locksmith in Salem OR, but it might cost a little more than you though due to the extra work necessary to get you back on the road. That is why it is always good to have a decent working spare key. Call an automotive locksmith today to handle your key extraction, ignition repair and the definite key programming or key make. An automotive professional will have you on the road in no time!

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