Lock With No Key

Locksmith Salem Lost KeyHave you ever been in a situation where you had a lock that needed to be opened, but just couldn’t find the key for it? Maybe you lost your keys recently and really need a locksmith to open the lock up for you. Either way you can remove any worry from your mind, you can call your local locksmith in Salem and he can easily get a new replacement key for you on the spot by attempting one of a few techniques to handle the job.

“How does a locksmith do this?”, you may want to ask.
Well, the locksmith impressions a key from the inside of the lock. There a few ways to do this, but the locksmith will most likely put a key blank into the lock and then turn it in order to cause a binding of the pins against the key. This action causes the pins to leave barely noticeable marks that the locksmith pays close attention to in order to carefully file down on the key blank. This process continues until the key is made perfectly and has demonstrated the ability to push the pins past the shearline thus causing the lock to open. This method takes a little bit longer depending on the security grade of the lock, ranging from 15 minutes to a little over an hour, but it will get the job done.

Different ways to originate a new key

Another possibly more common technique that your Salem locksmith will use to have a lost key replacement for you is by looking at the lock in order to find the key code. This code usually starts with a letter that is followed by a series of numbers. Now your locksmith can look up the code in a directory for licensed locksmiths and will be able to create you a new key. This is a service that should be very simple for your locksmith and not too time consuming.

Salem Locksmith Impression Key

A locksmith can follow either of these techniques for all types of locks, including automotive keys. Although car keys can be much more complicated and different processes might have to be followed, be certain that your key can be manufactured for you. Car keys usually require extra work to be done on them so that they work properly. Due to this extra work, don’t be too surprised to hear the price is a little higher too. Once your locksmith finishes making your car key, he or she will probably need to program it inside of your vehicle so that the transponder chip inside of the key receives a connection with your car.

A locksmith can make a key for most of the locks that are out in the market at this time by various methods. If you need a new or extra key made for one of your locks, give Premier NW Locksmith Salem a call today.