Transponder Auto Key Make

Locksmith Salem transponder keyHave you lost your car keys and don’t have a spare? You can call your local automotive locksmith in Salem. A locksmith will be able to make your keys with only a few key bits of information about your vehicle.

A locksmith will choose a key blank that is associated with the year, make, model and VIN of your vehicle. From this information, he or she will utilize a database that only locksmiths have access to. This database permits a locksmith to get the key code necessary to cut the car key accurately.

To cut the key the locksmith will use a device called a profiling machine. Once cut, the key will be able to unlock the doors and the trunk of the vehicle. However: the key will not be able to start your car. This is because today the majority of cars are equipped with what is called an ignition immobilizer.

An immobilizer is an anti-theft measure that requires there to be a transponder chip in the car key. As soon as you turn the key in the ignition lock, an antenna in the automobile sends a signal and expects a response from a certain transponder chip within the key. Again, without a working transponder key, the engine will not start.

The ignition of a vehicle is just like a traditional lock

The ignition of a car works surprisingly like every lock functions. The car key pushes the ignitions tumblers into their proper positions which free the locking mechanism as to allow the cylinder to turn. This would immediately start the car as long as the transponder chip of the car has been synced with the ignition immobilizer. If you ever have trouble with your ignition, give a Salem locksmith a call and we can repair it.

Salem locksmith auto key make

Calling for a locksmith is an extremely simple procedure. When you call, you will be asked a few questions and a locksmith will be sent to your direction. You will speak to the locksmith about the service and the fees necessary in which afterwards the service will be performed. That’s easy!

Before calling a locksmith, have this information ready

Here are the key things to figure out prior to calling Premier NW Locksmith Salem OR for an automobile key make:

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