Rekey a Lock Salem Oregon

When you are considering having the locks changed on your home but for any reason, you would prefer to keep the lock that is currently installed you can also think about having a locksmith Salem Oregon rekey a lock instead. Instead of changing the entire lock because someone moved out or you just moved in, you can have a Salem locksmith rekey a lock and enjoy the same amount of security. Rekeying the locks to your home is also a great idea when you lost or broke all sets of your house keys.

Rekey a lock Salem Locksmith

A lot of the time customers happen to ask about what exactly rekey a lock is and what is it for. When a professional locksmith in Salem rekeys a lock to a home, it is the action of changing the internal locking pieces to a different code (if you will). So you know about the jagged edge of your key? Think of the code as the pattern that the key jags follow. So when a professional rekey a lock, the pins and springs within the locking mechanism get rearranged so that for now on a hopefully very different key will open the lock but at the same, the exterior lock is still left on the door.

A locksmith to rekey a lock the same day

If you find that you want to have a professional rekey a lock, you can call your local locksmith and they should be able to come on the same day or if you would prefer you can always make an appointment as well. When a professional locksmith Salem Oregon company comes to your location, you can know that you are in good hands. It is possible to have your locksmith create higher security with your lock by arranging it to be less susceptible to manipulation or lock picking or bumping techniques.

Having a professional rekey a lock is definitely an excellent way to increase the security of your home and ensure that anyone who had an old key to the residence can no longer gain any entry. It is a cheaper but just as reliable way to handle a moment of emergency and the need for safety.

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