Salem Locksmith Ignition Service

Salem Locksmith Ignition Service If your main mode of transportation is using a vehicle, then the chances are that eventually you will have to manage an issue with your vehicle’s ignition. There are a variety of reasons why a car ignition isn’t working properly. If your vehicle gets stolen, oftentimes you will be left with […]

Why Call A Locksmith

Why Call A Locksmith? When there is a need to service the locks upon a home, business or property, the majority of people attempt to undergo the do-it-yourself approach in order to save a little bit of money. Sometimes this choice may work the locks will work and function properly without any error or flaw. […]

New Lock Installation

New Lock Installation Installing a lock onto a door is a big job, especially if that door didn’t have a lock or a knob to begin with. Hiring a locksmith is a fantastic way to ensure the job is finished correctly and as securely as possible. If you find that the security of your family […]

High Grade Commercial Lock

High Grade Commercial Lock Corbin Russwin has been producing high quality commercial grade hardware since 1839. Here you will find more information about the CL3100 series of lever locks. This lock set can be acquired and installed onto your property by one of our professional locksmiths. This lock is a great choice if it is […]

Business and Commercial Security

Business and Commercial Security Are you a business owner? You may be worried about the physical security of your commercial property. As an owner, you should have a good idea of the measures that can be taken to ensure that your business stays secure.

Common Locks For Home Security

Common Locks For Home Security A complete lock set includes a deadbolt that is installed with a matching door-knob. In the following article, you will learn more about the most popular and common locks that are available to install in your home. Your home probably has one of these featured locks on the front door. […]

Electronic Access Lock Systems

Electronic Access Lock Systems For Business An electronic access system allows users to have security while also getting to choose from a few different options. There are two main types of systems that can be put into place for your business. In this article I will describe for you these systems and the very basics […]

Lock With No Key

Lock With No Key Have you ever been in a situation where you had a lock that needed to be opened, but just couldn’t find the key for it? Maybe you lost your keys recently and really need a locksmith to open the lock up for you. Either way you can remove any worry from […]

5 Things Homeowners Need to Know Before Choosing a Deadbolt

5 Things Homeowners Need to Know Before Choosing a Deadbolt There are many claims that security companies make about their deadbolts. Some are true, and others are obscured by the omission of important facts. There are also some prevailing myths about deadbolts, which you may believe as a result of pop culture. Don’t get caught […]

5 Steps to Replace Lost Keys

5 Steps to Replace Lost Keys There is a feeling of frustration and helplessness that many homeowners, car owners, and business owners have experienced at some point in their lives. This is usually brought about when you come to the realization that you have lost a set of keys. Most people lose their keys at […]