Car Unlock Service Salem Oregon

Car unlock service Salem Oregon If you happen to get locked out of your car, you are most likely in need of a car unlock service by a professional automotive locksmith in Salem Oregon. An expert locksmith will be able to get you back inside your locked car regardless of the situation. A Salem locksmith […]

Lock Service Salem Oregon

Lock Service Salem Oregon Every home is kept secured with at least a lock or two installed on the entrance doors. The frequency of leaving and coming home gives these locking mechanisms a lot of usage. A lock will normally contain a majority of miniature components. Over time, these miniature parts may require a lock […]

Keyless Entry Door Locks Salem Oregon

Keyless Entry Door Locks Salem Oregon If upgrading the locking and security systems of a commercial building is on your mind as a priority for your property’s security, it is not uncommon to consider installing keyless entry door locks. Keyless entry door locks can be identified by the lack of key use when attempting to […]

Car Key Replacement Salem Oregon

Car Key Replacement Salem Oregon A car key replacement will be necessary either when the original key to the vehicle has become lost or gotten chipped/cracked. It is also common to have a new car key made just for the sake of having a spare car key for the times when the original car key […]

House Lockout Salem Oregon

House Lockout Salem Oregon There are multiple causes that can lead to accidentally forgetting your house keys inside of your home and therefore having to deal with a house lockout. There are only a few ways to gain entrance to your house in Salem Oregon when you are locked outside of it though. Some of […]

Cabinet Locks Salem Oregon

Cabinet Locks Salem Oregon A large majority of business properties own a file cabinet that is kept locked for personal and security purposes. Additionally, oftentimes business property owners or office managers will decide to dispose a perfectly good condition cabinet only because the cabinet locks had stopped functioning. a key that was lost, or had […]

Car Key Copy Salem Oregon

Car Key Copy Salem Oregon A car key may seem like it is only a piece of something that probably isn’t worth much. But there is a lot of knowledge that goes into making a car key copy which include manufacturing them, using special equipment to cut them and precisely knowing how to program them […]

Spare Car Key Salem Oregon

Spare Car Key Salem Oregon Spare car key its one of those things that you don’t know how important it is to have until the time comes when you really need it. A spar car key may be considered as an unnecessary expense, but in the long run it is an investment that will pay […]

Master Key System

Master Key System Have you ever wondered how owners of large properties are able to manage possessing many keys to each unit of their property? The truth is that most likely the property owner doesn’t possess hundreds of keys, but he only has one or a few keys total. How do they have so few […]

Salem Locksmith Ignition Key Extraction

Salem Locksmith Ignition Key Extraction Did you break your key inside of your ignition? There is some good news and bad news when it comes to such situation. The Good news is if your key didn’t break because of a hard force applied to it in the ignition, then it is most likely that the […]