Salem Locksmith Ignition Service

Salem Locksmith Ignition Service If your main mode of transportation is using a vehicle, then the chances are that eventually you will have to manage an issue with your vehicle’s ignition. There are a variety of reasons why a car ignition isn’t working properly. If your vehicle gets stolen, oftentimes you will be left with […]

Automotive Key Make

Automotive Key Make Have you lost your car keys and find yourself needing a replacement key? An automotive Salem locksmith would be able to produce a few different types of keys for your vehicle. The most basic car key is the ‘laser cut key’. It possesses a rectangular blade with a wavy groove that is […]

Transponder Auto Key Make

Transponder Auto Key Make Have you lost your car keys and don’t have a spare? You can call your local automotive locksmith in Salem. A locksmith will be able to make your keys with only a few key bits of information about your vehicle. A locksmith will choose a key blank that is associated with […]